What We Do - Our Mission

Heritage Oshawa is committed to preserving the unique qualities of the City of Oshawa as reflected in its heritage resources within their context.  In making this commitment, Heritage Oshawa recognizes that heritage resources enhance the quality of life of Oshawa's citizens by providing continuity with the past, stability, economic benefits and an historical sense of place.

Working within the guidelines of the Ontario Heritage Act and the Oshawa Official Plan, Heritage Oshawa advises and assists Council on all matters relating to the preservation of Oshawa's heritage properties.

Heritage properties include structures, streetscapes, landscapes, natural areas, cemeteries and burial places as well as archaeological sites.

Heritage is the common ground that sustains our communities in times of change.

Oshawa's heritage resources make a significant contribution to the unique character of the city, reflecting its history and the cultural diversity of its residents.

Key Activities

Heritage Oshawa is active in several key areas:

  • The preparation of designation reports for city council's consideration;
  • The compilation and updating of a Heritage Inventory of architecturally and/or historically significant resources;
  • Ongoing research on Oshawa's heritage properties;
  • The documentation of threatened sites;
  • Reviewing and commenting on demolition and development applications;
  • Assisting heritage property owners with information about renovations and current conservation programs; and
  • Raising awareness of heritage conservation issues through displays, workshops/seminars and participation in special events.

Heritage Oshawa fosters an appreciation and encourages responsible stewardship
of Oshawa's architectural and historical assets.

Members of the Heritage Oshawa committee are concerned about the disappearance of Oshawa's tangible past.  We hope to raise awareness of the broad architectural, cultural, social, political, economic and military patterns of our history by retaining or reusing Oshawa's heritage resources.  We wish to work towards a harmonious blend of old and new that speaks of the pride our community has in its past.